Our Vision for Grove Park - A new District Park

Our Neighbourhood Plan sets out a number of priority projects to improve community infrastructure, including our community spaces and green spaces.


One project is making the Railway Children Urban National Park a reality. Proceeds from the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) and other S106 development agreements can secure the funding to realise this District level Parkland. The land is already protected by its designations such as Metropolitan Open Land and Site of Importance for Nature Conservation. Unfortunately, this doesn't stop developers trying to destroy the habitats and remove its open land designation.


This could be one of London's Ten New Parks, part of CPRE's campaign to bring back into use underused MOL and turn into new parks.


Our strong neighbourhood plan vision helps to make it clear that we will not accept the loss of any of our wildlife corridors.


Voting YES is saying YES to policies which help to positively work towards this vision.